Lauren (eowyn) wrote,

a thing

I'll never willingly leave LJ - I have been here too long to march off now. There's over ten years of memories stored here from days when I had more wherewithal to post. It isn't that I'm "too busy living my life to write about it" - I just have not felt like writing about it, and that's quite a disappointment for my future self who'd quite like to know what I was doing in the past. Oh well, we all go through journal slumps.

While I'm still reading journal entries I've also struggled to keep up with commenting. I really don't like this - I prefer to be engaged, and not be lurking in the background. I'm sure I've written about this a few months ago but I say again, sorry about that! I still care.

I've never been one for being all 'friends cut y'all' - if I do cut I tend to just do it, because I only cut people I'm not interacting with, barely or at all. I find I'm at that point now where, if I'm going to have any hope of keeping up and not just writing glib occasional comments, then I do need to pare back my flist.

It's not personal - it's making this manageable and meaningful. I'm seeing that new fandom friending meme go around and while it would be so nice to make new friends I'm not doing the long-term ones I've had here any justice, so I'm staying well out of that!

Please also take this as a reciprocal offer - if you feel we're no longer engaging well, or you're simply not interested in what I post anymore, please freely unfriend me with no hard feelings at all.
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