Lauren (eowyn) wrote,

Sadly, my days of generating a little extra income by selling clothes on eBay is over.

The Australian government is implementing the 'Netflix Tax'from 1 July.

In order to comply, eBay is passing on the cost to sellers.

Once eBay, PayPal and the Australian government take their cut there won't be enough profit to make selling worthwhile.

It's a tax that's only punishing consumers. Businesses will stop offering sales to Australians, pass on costs, and sellers like me will disappear. They want people to support more Australian businesses, and I do some, but when they're so costly and limited in variety a tax like this won't alter where I spend.

Australian businesses need to become more innovative and competitive, rather than relying on the government to implement taxes to punish consumers. The world of shopping has changed. Get out of the dark ages!
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