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Costume Tournament Stuffs


Okay okay okay. Here we go. Under the cut you'll find: the season 6 winner, the voting for the ultimate Amy costume, the voting for the ultimate Clara costume and the grid set with eliminations. Thanks to everyone who participated not only in the regular polls, but also in the Where's Next, which showed everyone wanted the season winners to go up against one another.

Rose came out on top of the poll for which companion to tournament next, followed by River. I'll probably take a long break - for myself and my regular flist, thanks for your patience guys ... the non-DW fans must've been sick of seeing this - before that goes up again.

I'm always looking for more DW friends, especially those interested in the costuming side of it. So please feel free to friend me if you think we have this and perhaps another thing or two in common (check out my profile page for full interests!) Just let me know in a comment if you have otherwise I might miss it!

This time, please vote for your favourite costume. There will be only one round of voting.
It's the ensemble from The Girl Who Waited! Popular episode, popular costume. While the trousers and jacket were long since ID'd, there's still nothing definitive for the top. There's a few good ALTs around but it seems possible to me it was a vintage one-off. I also think it might've been grey, not purple....

Remember: this time, you're voting for your favourite!
Poll #2057134 The Ultimate Amy Costume
This poll is closed.

Please vote for YOUR FAVOURITE

VATD: Blue coat, red scarf, skirt, boots
TGWW: Polka dots, mauve jacket, utility trousers
ATCM/TTOTD: Pineapple dress, navy jacket

Remember: this time, you're voting for your favourite!
Poll #2057135 The Ultimate Clara Costume Poll
This poll is closed.

Please vote FOR your favourite!

DW/DIH: Print dress
TDOTD: Black jacket, red dress
TMA/TWF: Green pearl dress, grey jumper, jacket
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