Lauren (eowyn) wrote,

Adventures in Baking Part V

Since I arrived home I have been baking biscuits faithfully every weekend. I made some great chocolate chip ones and some nice ginger drops, but I got lazy and stopped documenting them. Today, I was asked to make macaroons and I knew this was going to be a spectacular failure so I photographed it. They turned out very thin, but okay after all!

Here's the ingredients class picture. Please note the margarine, that doesn't appear in this recipe at all.

Whip the shit out of three egg whites until they go all peaky, like so.

Beat in a cup of castor sugar. Or it might be half a cup. Whatever looks good. When that's done, sift in 1/4 cup cocoa, 1/4 cup? of icing sugar and .... oh yeah, a cup of almond meal, or crushed almonds. Fold into the eggs and sugar mixture in three batches.

Now, you're supposed to use a piping bag to do this part. I'm sure it makes the macaroons heaps better and certainly not flat like mine. But that's also a lot of fucking around, and lol yeah like I'm going to manage a piping bag full of chocolate with any measure of grace. So I just spooned it on, about 4cms round and 2 inches apart. This needs to sit for about 30 minutes. Idek why. I only waited 20 and then put it in the oven at 150c for 25 minutes, which was about 5 minutes too long.

While you're overcooking the macaroons, make the filling by bringing 1/4 cup cream to the boil and adding in 150g of chocolate chopped up finely. Mix it up and stick it in the fridge.

Macaroons should look like this. Wait. Am I spelling macaroons right? Oh idec.

Match up like-sized candidates and spread one of them with your chocolate cream. Put the lid on. YER DONE!
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