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Adventures in Baking

Every so often I get a bee in my bonnet about baking; I decide that I'm going to bake something wonderful that will taste like ambrosia. It hasn't ever yielded something that good, but things do tend to work out well and pink. Yes, pink, all my baking turns out pink. Baking + pink food dye = superhappyfuntimes.

So here are my efforts at making Honey Jumbles. 

Ingredients class photo. I should say the orange juice isn't part of it, not really, but it felt left out so I let her in the picture.

Okay. 60g butter, one and a half cups of maple syrup, or something, and some quantity of brown sugar. Half a cup! Half a cup of brown sugar. Make melty on a low heat so it's smooth like the guy from the Old Spice ads.

Let it cool off in a bowl, then add um .... An egg, mix it up, then sift in like ... One and three quarters of a cup of regular flour, and half a cup of sr flour ... I think ... see how good at this I am ... I could go get the recipe again but no no, I'll just speculate like a pro ... and a teaspoon? of bicarb soda. A teaspoon of ground mixed spice, a teaspoon of ground cloves, two teaspoons of ground ginger and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. One of those might be wrong. Mix up in two batches!

Make a dough. I added a bit of milk as it was dry.

Then knead the shit out of it. When it's not sticky anymore, put it in the fridge for thirty minutes.

Divide into eight pieces and roll out each piece so it's about two centimeters thick. I got confused at this juncture, because I can't make workings the numberals in my face head.

Slice them up into pieces no longer than six cm and shape the ends so they're pretty and round. Drink coffee from a Doctor Who mug with a disappearing and reappearing TARDIS. Wear polka dots. Listen to a Marianne Faithfull album.

Put all your lovely lumpies on a tray with baking paper. Oh and the oven should have been put on to 180c at the start. Yep.

They only take about ten minutes! Look at them all crunchable and happy.

I made icing for them. I fucked it up, I lumped everything in the bowl without reading the recipe and had to start again. Oh well. So lightly beat one egg white and sift in two teaspoons of flour and a cup and a half of icing sugar. Add enough lemon juice to make it spreadable. Then divide that shit into two bowls AND MAKE ONE LOT PINK AHAHAHA. Cos Baking + Pink = Superhappyfuntimes.

They tasted pretty good! I put a batch in a container for Dad to take to work to IMPRESS HIS FRIENDS OR SOMETHING YEAH IDK.
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