Lauren (eowyn) wrote,

Icons? No wei.

I don't remember the last time I made an icon post.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

12 Hyperbole and a Half
12 Wedge Antilles
06 Eowyn/Miranda Otto
10 Victoria's Secret (Swim 11 Promo; Miranda, Candace, Ale and Adriana.)

These come from Allie Brosh's webcomic, Hyperbole and a Half, and feature an adventure with Simple Dog. Please visit her site and check it out - she's fucking hilarious! These icons come from 'Wild Animal (Simple Dog goes for a Joy Ride). These icons are very simple, but I love her stuff so much that it deserves lots of LJ love.

01.Photobucket 02.Photobucket 03.Photobucket

04.Photobucket 05.Photobucket 06.Photobucket

07.Photobucket 08.Photobucket 09.Photobucket

10.Photobucket 11.Photobucket 12.Photobucket

13. Photobucket 14. Photobucket 15.Photobucket

16.Photobucket 17.Photobucket 18.Photobucket

19.Photobucket 20.Photobucket 21.Photobucket

22.Photobucket 23.Photobucket 24.Photobucket

25.Photobucket 26.Photobucket 27.Photobucket

28.Photobucket 29.Photobucket 30.Photobucket

31.Photobucket 32.Photobucket 33.Photobucket

34.Photobucket 35.Photobucket 36.Photobucket

37.Photobucket 38.Photobucket 39.Photobucket

40.Photobucket 41.Photobucket

Comment, credit, regular stuff. Except for Allie Brosh's Hyperbole - credit to her site, not to me!
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