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Banner tutorial #1

Okay, I've never done a tutorial before.  princess_narnia has requested several, so expect some over the next few days or weeks or however long it takes me. I'm not  sure how much sense they'll make but I'm giving it a bash.

This first tut is for this banner. I use PS7.

Step 1.

I chose what pictures I wanted to use. For this banner, I picked out three. I prefer to make banners with images all from the same (or similar) shoots if I can, but that's just a personal thing. It's easier, because the lighting etc is usually the same which cuts down work later. I'm lazy.

Step 2.
I create a blank canvas: file > new > width 450, height 150.

Step 3.
Resizing and cropping of each image.  I often use one as the background and paste the other images on top. For this particular banner, I used the image on the far left.

I then cut the other two out with the lasso tool on the side toolbar. I right click and hit 'feather' for about 5 pixels to make it easier to blend. I arranged them where I needed them to go.

Step 4
Next, I treat each layer individually with the following:

:: Image > adjustments > auto color
:: Image > adjustments > auto contrast
:: image > adjustments > auto levels

Step 5
Still treating each layer individually, I will duplicate each one 3 times. I set the first copy to screen and the second to either soft light or overlay, depending on quality. Opacity always depends on the picture. For this particular banner, I think my screen would have been about 50% and my soft light about 80% I sharpen the first layer, then use the sharpening tool on the sidebar to go over the eyes, lips and hair on the toppermost layer of each.

Then I merge the screened layers and the soft light layers down, so you have just the three picture layers.

Step 6
I tidy each up. I get a nice soft fuzzy eraser brush and go around the edges of the layers to get rid of that glowy shit.

Step 7
I merge the layers now that I'm happy with the blend. Duplicate twice, screen and soft light as required.

Step 8
Add a new layer. Brush time! The box with the swirlys that I used in this banner is by ewanism.  Whack it on, add some text.

Step 9
Add another new layer on top of all the others. Goto  Layer > new fill layer > solid colour. I used 1D3350, I think, or a very similiar shade of blue. I put it on (surprise!) soft light.

Step 10
I follow the steps above and make another fill layer. This one, however, I set to 'difference' at 39% opacity. This'll vary depending on your pictures.

And, uh, yeah. That's about it. Save as .png file.

I have no idea if this was even the slightest bit helpful or made any sense. I hope so. First time for everything, and mah first tutorial is done.

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