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Padme Costume Tournament - R1

First time we did this, Arwen's Chase Outfit kicked ass. Then, it was time for Eowyn's White Gown to triumph as Boss Frock. Now it's Padme's turn .... and there are 36 costumes to get through....omfg.

Please note that 2 of her costumes will be excluded. Her Coruscant Nightgown from EpII and Hosital Gown from EpIII are little more than white shifts. Costumes from the Clone Wars series and any comics etc will also not be included. However, the two costumes Sabe wears as decoy in Ep I will be included, because technically they are from Padme's wardrobe.

Hedge your bets! I think the safe money's on the Picnic Gown from EpII to win, but who knows?

Please remember you are NOT voting for your favourite here! It's a process of elimination, you're voting OUT your LEAST favourite. Each round will last approximately 48 hours.

Poll #1169433 PCT R1

Invasion Red vs Parade

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