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Eowyn Costume Tournament - Round One

This is a repost of the first round! So if you voted in that, you may want to cast your vote again. Apologies - I had made a serious oversight! (Thanks to last_chael I realised what I'd done.)

Basically I'm a dork.

Anyway - the good news is that it made me fix the rounds so things will be more even. There are now 5 initial rounds with 3 costumes competing in each. Vote out your LEAST favourite! You know the rules. ;)

Green Gown
Very popular, this TTT gown is the first costume we see Eowyn in. She runs up the steps of Meduseld in gale-force winds, trying not to have it blow up in her face. Does a damn fine job.

Refugee Gown (Herein lay my error! :D)
From TTT, the famous swordplay scene.

The Travel Coat
Worn over the refugee gown in TTT.

Poll #1021675 Eowyn Costume Tournament Round 1

Green vs Refugee vs Coat

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Apologies once again!
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