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Second Annual Anyathes Results!

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Don your posh frock, find a sexy man-bag and strut down the red carpet to the Ceremony!

Thanks to everyone who participated in voting this year. There were ties! It really WAS a formal event after all. ;)

Best Webpage of 2006! (57.1%)

Hurray for freedom of .... whatever. Amateur comedians, film makers, musicians and voyeurs of all shapes and sizes enjoy the yayness that is YouTube. It's got my vote and bookmark in my internet explorer - seems like it's got yours, too!

Last year's winner:

Biggest Disappointment of 2006
War in Iraq Ongoing. (52.4%)

Yeah. That ain't good. I could really get up on my political soapbox about this one, but this is an awards night, not a peace rally! However, I admit I was a bit sad more of you weren't disappointed about Elizabeth not becoming a zombie in Potc 2.

Last year's winner: "Still waiting for the apocolypse."

Sexiest Bloke of 2006
Johnny Depp. (66.7%)

He won by a landslide! And how could he not? He's only been the benchmark of Hott (yes, two T's for that one) for about two decades. His inability to be typecast has opened up a wide variety of roles, from Edward Scissorhands to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to Pirates of the Caribbean. We love him so much we can even forgive him for Cry Baby.

Last year's winner: Ewan McGregor.

Sexiest Sheila of 2006
Angelina Jolie (33.3%) and Liv Tyler (33.3%)

Voters were torn! Divided! One common trait alone united them - love for lucious lips! It's Lara vs Arwen and Jane vs Jewel. Yikes!

Last year's winner: Angelina Jolie.

Best Anyathe Moment of 2005
Going to the Jehovah's Witnesses HQ and Making them Promise to never to visit her House again. (50.0%)
The last straw was when I was standing in my front door in a tiny towel, my hair dripping wet, trying to shoo a JI. He was still trying to give me pamphlets and asking to come in. Wtf? I really was very nice when I went around to their HQ, but firm, and they've not come knocking since.

Last year's winner: Accidentally snapping a woman's underwear when fitting her for a wedding dress.

Biggest Tool of 2006
Tom Cruise. (52.4%)

Wow! He did it again. Second year running. You would have thought after Tom heard the results he would have cleaned up his toolish ways. Guess not. Actually, I think he's gotten worse. Think he's doing it to spite me? Must be - no one can really be that annoying.

Last year's winner: Tom Cruise, remember!

Worst Film of 2006
The Da Vinci Code. (45.0%)

Narrowly beating Garfield II, The Da Vinci Code demonstrates to us the tried and true principle - just because it was a good book, doesn't mean it's a good movie. And what the dickens happened to Tom Hank's hair? Did Audrey give him a makeover? At least it had Sir Ian. I wish he'd been wearing a pointy hat, or his Pride Beads.

Last year's winner: Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D.

Best Film of 2006
POTC 2 - Dead Man's Chest (47.6%)

Considering most of you on my flist are Potc fans, this one was a no-brainer. However, V for Vendetta pulled in at a close second, which I thought was a bit of all right. I think it must have been the scene with V in a Guy Fawlkes mask cooking eggs that did it. Good times.

Last year's winner: N/A. Last year's question was about LJ's biggest weirdo/psychopath/murderer.

Most Irritating Music Artist of 2006
Paris Hilton (85.0%)

The biggest single victory by far! Nice one. It never ceases to amaze me that the woman stars in a movie or two, knocks out a single, writes a book, has a TV show, and is STILL a talentless, skanky hack. Stick to porn Paris - though you weren't even very good at that, were you?

Last year's winner: 50 Cent.

Honorary Muppet Award
The Count (33.3%) and Snuffy (33.3%)

This was so close! And Grover was only just behind, too. I guess the voters here were either mathematical fans or have an imaginary friend or two hanging around themselves. Remember when only Big Bird saw Snuffy? And no one else thought him real? Now they all see him. Snuffy must have started sharing his stash around. At least that gives the Count more faces to ... well, count.

Well, that wraps up the Second Annual Anyathes. See you next year kids!
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