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I'll never willingly leave LJ - I have been here too long to march off now. There's over ten years of memories stored here from days when I had more wherewithal to post. It isn't that I'm "too busy living my life to write about it" - I just have not felt like writing about it, and that's quite a disappointment for my future self who'd quite like to know what I was doing in the past. Oh well, we all go through journal slumps.

While I'm still reading journal entries I've also struggled to keep up with commenting. I really don't like this - I prefer to be engaged, and not be lurking in the background. I'm sure I've written about this a few months ago but I say again, sorry about that! I still care.

I've never been one for being all 'friends cut y'all' - if I do cut I tend to just do it, because I only cut people I'm not interacting with, barely or at all. I find I'm at that point now where, if I'm going to have any hope of keeping up and not just writing glib occasional comments, then I do need to pare back my flist.

It's not personal - it's making this manageable and meaningful. I'm seeing that new fandom friending meme go around and while it would be so nice to make new friends I'm not doing the long-term ones I've had here any justice, so I'm staying well out of that!

Please also take this as a reciprocal offer - if you feel we're no longer engaging well, or you're simply not interested in what I post anymore, please freely unfriend me with no hard feelings at all.
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Sadly, my days of generating a little extra income by selling clothes on eBay is over.

The Australian government is implementing the 'Netflix Tax'from 1 July.

In order to comply, eBay is passing on the cost to sellers.

Once eBay, PayPal and the Australian government take their cut there won't be enough profit to make selling worthwhile.

It's a tax that's only punishing consumers. Businesses will stop offering sales to Australians, pass on costs, and sellers like me will disappear. They want people to support more Australian businesses, and I do some, but when they're so costly and limited in variety a tax like this won't alter where I spend.

Australian businesses need to become more innovative and competitive, rather than relying on the government to implement taxes to punish consumers. The world of shopping has changed. Get out of the dark ages!
Karen purple

Costume Tournament Stuffs


Okay okay okay. Here we go. Under the cut you'll find: the season 6 winner, the voting for the ultimate Amy costume, the voting for the ultimate Clara costume and the grid set with eliminations. Thanks to everyone who participated not only in the regular polls, but also in the Where's Next, which showed everyone wanted the season winners to go up against one another.

Rose came out on top of the poll for which companion to tournament next, followed by River. I'll probably take a long break - for myself and my regular flist, thanks for your patience guys ... the non-DW fans must've been sick of seeing this - before that goes up again.

I'm always looking for more DW friends, especially those interested in the costuming side of it. So please feel free to friend me if you think we have this and perhaps another thing or two in common (check out my profile page for full interests!) Just let me know in a comment if you have otherwise I might miss it!

This time, please vote for your favourite costume. There will be only one round of voting.
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