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Dynamite with a Laserbeam

(to avoid complication, she never kept the same address)

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Welcome to my journal! I'm a 32 year old Australian. My journal is filled mostly with stories of my day to day life, travel adventures and some fandom chatter. I love making new, active LJ friends, so if you think we've common ground, hit up my first entry! Most of my journal is flocked and will stay that way.

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1960s, alex kingston, alice cooper, almost famous, amy pond, angus and julia stone, anita pallenberg, anne boleyn, apple flavoured things, aragorn/eowyn, art vs science, arthur darvill, backgammon, backpacking, baking, being barefoot, bill bailey, billy idol, black books, blur, boba fett, cher, cider, clive owen, closer, clothes, cooking, david bowie, david tennant, dead like me, diver dan, doctor who, dresses, eleven/amy, eleven/river, empire records, eowyn, euripides, faeries, falco, faramir, faramir/eowyn, firefly, french revolution, game of thrones, gandalf, george harrison, harry potter, haruki murakami, hera, hugo weaving, hyperbole and a half, ingrid oliver, irvine welsh, jane asher, jefferson airplane, john lennon, karen gillan, kit kat chunky, kitty daisy and lewis, labyrinth, led zeppelin, little white fluffy dogs, lord of the rings, lotr actors, mad men, marianne faithfull, marieke hardy, martha jones, matt smith, medea, mgm musicals, minimalist theatre, monty python, neil aspinall, new wave, osgood, palmistry, pattie boyd, paul mccartney, peace, peter capaldi, pink floyd, polka dots, radiohead, rainbow brite, retro, ringo starr, river song, rogue squadron, rohan, roleplaying, rory williams, rory/amy, rose byrne, salad fingers, sherlock, simon pegg, six feet under, sixties rock, sleeping, smillan, southpark, spaced, spooky mulder, squirrel monkeys, squirrel nut zippers, star wars novels, stockings, suitably depressed poets, svu, talon karrde, tarot, the beatles, the boat that rocked, the bronze age, the cat empire, the doctor, the good life, the hobbit, the ocean, the rolling stones, the silmarillion, the tardis, the traveling wilburys, the trojan war, the tube, the walking dead, tolkien, tom petty, travel, troy, vanilla slice, wedge antilles, weebl, wraith squadron, writing, x-wing pilots, zombies